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Adam Sandler Reviews

Comedy & Stand-up

Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 43



5.0 star rating Dizzy804 from Richmond, Virginia


Tonights show was fantastic! Adam Sandlers didnt just make up laugh. He also touched our hearts with the Chris Farley piece. I also laughed till i cried. He is the greatest. I will always be a fan.

5.0 star rating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Absolutely loved the show tonight. It was great to see some non liberal comedy.

5.0 star rating Hillary from Charlotte, North Carolina


Lately I have seen comedy shows of big name comedians and I have been disappointed but not this show. Adam Sandler was hilarious. All new material, funny songs and a touching tribute to Chris Farley. He interacted a lot with the crowd and I was so glad to see a successful comedian who's still hilarious live! Great show Adam!!!

5.0 star rating Michelle from Indianapolis, Indiana


I laughed from the time Rob came out till the Chris Farley tribute. Than I cried a little! It was the best time I’ve had in years. Not for kids but adults don’t miss this show!!!

5.0 star rating Chris from Lexington, Kentucky


All the way from KY to see Adam Sandler. The show was fantastic!! Loved seeing him in person and hopefully will again soon. The comedy had me cracking up, everyone was hilarious. Loved it!

5.0 star rating Christine Burroughs from Manchester New Hampshire


What a great show laughed the whole time. What a great story kid that went to Central high school and now look at him and he came back to do a show and for those few people who had nothing good to say stay home. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Love Adam Sandler stand up comedy movies I think he’s great.

5.0 star rating Paul from Boston from Boston, Massachusetts


Anybody that didn't give him 5 stars needs to snap out of it. Adam balanced it all from new stuff to harsh comic jokes and of course Farley piece and his wife's tribute wanna grow old with you . Went from Headache laughing to Crying at Farley part . Great job Adam and thank you . I I might even go back tonight.

5.0 star rating Cheryl from Port Richey, Florida


Such a great show. I loved it from start to finish.

5.0 star rating Maestre from Fort Myers, Florida


This was an amazing show! From laughter to crying RIP CHRIS FARLEY! Adam did his thing!

5.0 star rating Miriam from San Diego


It was a blast !!! I had such a good time I went with my man and it’s hard to get him to laugh and let me tell you we were laughing our heads off I loved it Adam Sandler was great made me cry at the end with his Chris Farley tribute he loves his friend a lot I’m definitely getting tickets to go again made my whole year especially when he sings I love it best show ever !!! 5stars ❤️

5.0 star rating Isabella from New York, New York


I definitely recommend going it was such a dream come true to go and see Adam Sandler he made me laugh so much I had a good time it was awesome I already wanna go again!! If you love his movies I recommend going he is the funniest like I said dream come true thank you Adam Sandler I’ll see you again on your next tour

5.0 star rating Jason from Las Vegas, Nevada


Love the show. Full of laughs. Crude sophomoric jokes at times sure but that’s why I loved him since SNL and his albums before he was a mega star. Lots of great funny songs as well as touching moments when his daughters’ both sang, the Chris Farley tribute, and a new rendition of “wanna grow old with you” to his wife. It was everything I wanted. Loved it and left the show so happy. Robert Smigel as Triumph and Rob Schneider were awesome too. 5/5 Stars easy

5.0 star rating Dawn from Frankfort , Ohio


Adam did not disappoint! The show was amazing. We laughed until we cried. Would definitely see home again.

5.0 star rating Frederick VanCleve from Detroit, Michigan


Adam, Rob and Kevin were great but this show wasn’t just comedy. Just like millions of us all over, we loved and miss Chris Farley. Adam’s tribute was beautiful and I’m proud to say we were so loud on Monday, Chris had to have heard us!

5.0 star rating Christopher from Vancouver, British Columbia


Ever since ai heard They're all Gonna Laugh At You on a buddies Walkman at school back in high school, Adams sense of humor has touched my life almost everyday since. He has always been best when doing his records and writing funny songs and that's why this show means so much. Back to the basics of twist punchlines and songs with hilarious deadpan endings that you know are coming but don't disappoint one bit. Gross raunchy topics are fair game as always with Adam and you can tell he adores his fans. There is a wholesome family vibe ( not pg rated) in the way he talks about his wife and kids and himself making him the target of self humiliation is so great. It's the best brand of humor, I laughed till I cried. I feel that Adam Just might be the best stand up artist of my generation

5.0 star rating Comedy Guy from Toronto, Ontario


Adam came to town with his mix of jokes, stories and songs and was a joy to watch perform. Those who bemoan his bluer material should consider getting a life. It was all funny and his Farley tribute and closing song to his wife showed what a great guy he is as well. His reputation suggested that from the many local people who have interacted with him in the filming of several of his movies here over the years, including his latest one. It was a sold out show and he deserved it.

5.0 star rating Leeanna from Toronto, Ontario


I still can't believe I was in the same building as the sand man! he was AMAZING! really knows how to work a crowd!! - and the way he still after all these years pays tribute to his old friend Chris Farley is just incredible. AMAZING AND FUNNY MAN <3

5.0 star rating Emy Gonzales from Toronto, Ontario


It was a dream come true for me, to see Adam in person because I have been an avid fan and have watched almost all his movies. I know he has a good heart and very loyal to his friends and wife. Me and my spouse were laughing from the start to end of the show. Was touched when he sang and dedicated the song "Grow Old With You" to his wife and got teary eyed with his tribute to Chris Farley. Will always love and support Adam Sandler!

5.0 star rating Yvonne Alvarado from San Antonio, Texas


Best show ever...I absolutely loved the show!!! Adam Sandler you're the BEST!!!

4.0 star rating TLee from Columbus, Ohio


It was a slow start, but soon the Sand man hit his zone and was great fun. Showed all the way through that he is a good guy and amazingly creative. Rob was a hilarious kick off.

4.0 star rating Kathrine from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Rob was amazing start to the night. He seemed to love the theater. Wish he had a little more time on the stage. Adam was a little hard to understand at times. He also seemed slow to start. The Chris Farley dedication was fabulous. My seats were great since I was only 13 rows back from the stage. I wish he had done the Hanukkah song too. My only negative comment about the theater is don't allow drinking in there as most of it seemed to end up on the floor and made very sticky.

4.0 star rating Robin H. from Columbus, Ohio


Overall a cute and funny show. It seems his jokes and songs are reflective of his place in life right now, a 51 year old married man with children. Not what I expected but also not a bad thing. I was however a little put off by the excessive amount of crude sexual things he said. At least he always referenced being faithful to his wife, I guess? I don't think a guy as lovable as Adam needs to go that route. I still love him though and I would go again if I had the chance.

4.0 star rating Anonymous from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Adam Sandler was amazing! Loved the "surprised guests" and Chris Farley tribute. This is not a show for young children!!

4.0 star rating Randy Winningham from Kansas City, Missouri


The Zohan made us all silky smooth with the Farley tribute, love Adam Sandler

3.0 star rating Fawn from Tampa, Florida


Adam did a great job with the Chris Farley tribute and Rob Schneider was an outstanding singer. But I think Adam Sandler seems like a nice person but he needs to totally get rid of the crude sex humor because it is not good for him and he should just leave that behind in his jokes. It would have been a great show had he not put so many crude jokes in it. But I had fun going to the concert and enjoyed it but was really put off by the terrible crude jokes involving sexual humor. I think Adam Sandler is better than that and should leave those kind of jokes for other people who aren't as good of community comedians instead

3.0 star rating Was an AS fan from Nashville, Tennessee


Kevin James was funny 4.5 / 5. He had smart humor, not stupid crude humor. Adam is an excellent singer. Just signs about stupid crude and bad sexual stuff. If you paid more than $100 for a front ride seat, got ripped.

3.0 star rating Paul from Baltimore, MD


Jokes we based off his old age and misery that comes with getting old. He talked about in detail having sex with a balloon. And descriptively described how a pedofile eats ice cream while talking to his children. All his new songs were not catch nor funny. He just isn’t the sand man we all grew up to love. He’s past his prime and it shows greatly. I wouldn’t overpay like this to see him again

2.0 star rating Al from Goshen, NY


The show start 25 minutes late. I thought the opening act was the better of the three. Some of Adam's jokes were a little crude and tasteless. Around half way through the show, a disappointed patron was yelling "you're supposed to be a comedian" as he was leaving the arena. I noticed not too long after that, people were packing their blankets & chairs. When Adam asked the crowd to join in, it sounded like a dismal audience responded. His material needs improvement. The one part I did like was the Chris Farlie tribute towards the end of the show. The show was not worth being out late on a Sunday night.

2.0 star rating Chuck Newhouse from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Adam Sandler put me to sleep. His live comedy act was so slow and boring. Love his movies. I’ve seen other comedians this year so much better. For example Chris Tucker made laugh my tears out. Rob Schneider stole the show for me. He was funny, energetic, and very entertaining. He “can do it”. Sorry Adam.

2.0 star rating Sally Ford from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Show was rambling, too long, no direction. Rob Schneider was mean and insulting. Didn't pay a fortune for tickets to hear his hateful rip of women.

2.0 star rating Glenn from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Could not hear over half of what was said. Thought it was just me but others had the same problem. What we did hear just wasn't funny. It was more of a variety show. Saw quite a few people leaving early and other at the bar drinking. Was hoping to have a good time.

2.0 star rating Mark J from Baltimore, Md


Admittedly not a big Sandler fan, but my daughter wanted to see him. I have enjoyed several of his movies, but stand up comedy is definitely not his forte IMO. Could have done without Kevin James running around the stage pretending to play an electrical guitar. To me the venue was very uncomfortable.

2.0 star rating Disapointed from Vancouver, BC


Mumbled and Spoke to much about being over 50, unable to do things like in your 20's due to being grossly overweight. The comedy does not fit his current fitness. His songs were non-attention catchers with one song about wearing pants to wearing shorts was only funny to the solo slob who can relate. The Chirs Farley tribute was excellent. I'll pass on him in the future and wait for movies. Possibly attend a small venue of his if he ever decides to go on tour again. I dont think he will.

2.0 star rating Olivia from Palm Springs


I know Adam is a good man. Loves his wife, family. He just is not naturally funny to me. The toilet scene was so grotesque. I want to laugh till my sides hurt when I go to a comedy show, not struggle to hear him through his mumbling nonsensical rants that are supposed to be jokes. Acting is where his career shines. I’m sorry to sound negative.

1.0 star rating Jennifer from Miami, Florida


I have always loved Adam Sandler, however, his show 100% fresher was a total misfire. Adam may still have it doing comedy acting but not standup. His past songs (Lunchlady, Hannukah song, etc.) were hysterical, but the new songs I found to be stupid and not funny at all. I stopped laughing the minute Rob Schneider left the stage. Sorry Adam.

1.0 star rating Bev Harris from Detroit, Michigan


Sandler was shockingly crude. I feel sorry for his wife and daughters, he obviously has no respect for women. Sad to see a 52 year old man talk like a street punk. Lost any admiration I had for him. He’s not funny either.

1.0 star rating Joe from New York, New York


I went out to get some laughs and instead had anxiety listening to him, he’s miserable and he thinks it’s funny to share, not what comedy is, it was 20 long minutes till I decided to leave. Positive note the ubs arena is nice

1.0 star rating Jeanette Young from Las Vegas, Nevada


I think it is the worst show I’ve ever seen in Vegas. He’s a mess!! His clothes are sloppy. His jokes are not even funny. I’ve always loved his movies but this was pitiful. A waste of money and time

1.0 star rating Erin from New York, New York


It was the worst thing that I have ever seen. Rob Snieder is a gross human being. Basic, women-hating pig. Adam Sandler seemed to write his comedy based on what an extremely perverted and stupid person would find funny. It was actually terrifying to see how many people have such a low intelligence level that they found that crap funny. I felt like I needed a shower afterwards but nothing will ever make me feel clean again after witnessing such low brow, sexists, and mildly racists humor being so enjoyed by so many idiots around me. I’ve lost hope in humanity.

1.0 star rating Mel from Dallas, Texas


I thoroughly enjoy Adam Sandlers movies, but this was nothing like them. I swear he is on some psychedelics because nothing made sense. The two openers were sexist, racists, and discussing. I’m pretty sure people were paid to post good reviews.

1.0 star rating Blaze from Charlotte, North Carolina


Not sure who the opener was but he was mediocre. Kevin James was second and was actually the best part of the show. Adam Sandler came out after and was funny for about 10 minutes until he went into nonstop sex jokes about his family (including his mother, father, and brother). He also talked about fucking a balloon for about 15 minutes and then pedophiles licking ice cream cones while staring at his children. I’m a fan of crude humor at times but he’s got some weird sexual fixation with his family, and it’s apparently not his wife. Seemed like some unprocessed childhood sexual abuse trauma to me. Had to leave early, couldn’t bear it any longer. As someone who’s been an Adam Sandler fan my entire life I was extremely disappointed. Don’t think any of these 5 star reviews are real unless he used completely different material in every other city

1.0 star rating Wattford from Vancouver, British Columbia


Can I rate anything below a 1 star

1.0 star rating Anne smith from Toronto, Ontario


Awful. Kevin Nealon was ok for about 4 minutes. Adam sandler was not awful for about 10 minutes - what a waste of time and money.


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